Leadership Tonkawa

  • Who is Eligible to Join? 
  • A class of 12 men and women will be selected from the applicants to represent a cross section of the total community. There will be no age-limit. Businesses, civic groups and churches are invited to nominate candidates and interested individuals also may apply. If not selected the first time, please reapply.

  • The selection committee will consider those applicants who:
  • 1) Show promise of achieving leadership positions either in employment or community organizations.
  • 2) Have demonstrated a commitment to the community through volunteer work.
  • 3) Have the endorsement of their employers or others who could recommend potential leadership.
  • 4) make a commitment to attend every session. A Participant who misses more than two sessions is dropped from the program.

                  • What is Leadership Tonkawa?
                  • The future of Tonkawa and the area is directly affected by the quality and voluntary contributions of its leadership. Recognizing the need to develop these leaders who have an understanding of our community, the Tonkawa Chamber of Commerce offers the program "Leadership Tonkawa."

                  • The goals of the program are to:
                  • 1) Seek out and train persons for voluntary resonsibility in the community.
                  • 2) Challenge these leaders to increase their involvement in community affairs.
                  • 3) Provide practical information concerning community problems and issues.
                  • 4) Establish communication among emerging and existing leaders of the community.

                  • The areas covered during the program are:
                  • 1) Organization/Motivation/Group Dynamics/Ethics
                  • 2) City/County/State Government
                  • 3) Education (Elementary/High School/Vo-Tech/NOC)
                  • 4) Industries/Manufacturers/Commerce
                  • 5) Health & Human Services/Public Affairs
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